Preparing a Wine for Bottling at Between the Lines Winery

A day in the life of a Wine Maker…

  • In the morning I went to our Warehouse in St. Catharines to organize which bottles would be shipped to Reif Winery for the bottling and then stacked all of the bottles onto a trailer for the transport.
  • Once the bottles were on their way I grabbed all of the wine that was needed for the store and drove back to the winery to drop them off.
  • After the van was empty again I loaded it with all of our screw capsules, corks and labels that we needed for the bottling.
  • I drove to Reif to talk with Rob, the winemaker, about the order of the bottling, as well as when I could start to ship all of the wine over that needed to be bottled. I dropped off everything I had in the van and drove back to Between the Lines
  • Once I was back at our winery I switched to driving our Tractor and drove the first 2000 liters of wine to Reif. On the way back I picked up 6 more 1000L containers to be able ship the rest of the wine.
  • Back at our store I had to help out in the retail store for a tour of guests, and then went to work on the wines for the final adjustments.
  • With all of the blends finished and the wines tasting like they should I cleaned all of the tanks and then prepped the pump to be able to start bright and early the next day.
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