Uncork Niagara Winecast #4: Di Profio Wines

Check out Winecast #4 where we feature di Profio Wines, a small family owned winery located in Jordan, Ontario. We’ll take a look at some of the wines that make this location special, their wonderful Bed and Breakfast and more this week on the Uncork Niagara Winecast.


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Jordan Cowe

Jordan is a Certified Wine Educator and Sommelier from Niagara Falls Canada. Involved in many aspects of the wine industry Jordan has taught wine courses and seminars for consumers and wine professionals. With a passion for all things Niagara Wine Jordan takes every chance he can get to promote this wonderful region. Jordan is the world's youngest certified wine educator and the 2015 winner of the Banfi award for highest annual score on this tough exam.

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